Clojure Repl

The Clojure REPL is a live environment in which your Clojure code runs. Using a REPL to develop your code gives you instant feedback on its behaviour and supports a rapidly evolving design. Clojure developers use the REPL to evaluate (run) a whole file of code or just a single expression.

All Clojure editors connect to an external REPL process, either connecting to an externally started REPL or starting the REPL from the editor.

Approaches Description
connect flexible and robust approach supporting rich configurations, starting an external REPL via a command line terminal
jack-in start an external REPL from the editor, injecting editor specific configuration and then connecting

Practicalli recommends using the connect approach for all but the most simplest of workflows

Clojure aware editors

Quick start

Open or select a Clojure buffer, this can be an .edn, .clj, .cljc or .cljs file.

Key bindings Description
, ' or SPC m s sesman-start to start or connect to a REPL

Select from one of the following types of REPL's

  • cider-connect-clj and cider-jack-in-clj for Clojure on the JVM
  • cider-connect-cljs and cider-jack-in-cljs for a ClojureScript REPL
  • cider-jack-in-clj&cljs to start a REPL of both types (full stack)

Once the REPL starts, evaluate expressions using the source code buffer.

REPL cheatsheet

SPC f f open a Clojure source code file from a project

, ' to start a Clojure REPL using Clojure CLI, Leiningen or Boot.

, e f evaluate the current Clojure expression and show the results inline

, e ; evaluate the current Clojure expression and show the results as a comment

SPC p a toggle between matching source code and unit test buffers

, e b evaluate all code from the current buffer within the REPL

, t a run all test functions in the REPL using the cider test runner

, m q r to restart the REPL (i.e. when adding a library as a dependency to the project)

Documentation enabled after evaluating a namespace

, h h shows the documentation for a function under the cursor, but only if a namespace has been evaluated first. This applies to clojure.core functions as well as project and library specific functions.

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