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Evil Z menuλ︎

z in normal mode opens a menu of convenient utilities

Spacemacs Vim Normal - zoom menu

Folding code, comments and other contentλ︎

Code folding is very useful for hiding different levels of detail, for example you could hide everything but the function names in a namespace, showing just the API for that namespace.

Comments and documentation can be folded to help you focus on a specific part of the content.

Keybinding Description
z a toggle fold of code, comment, section, etc.
z c close fold
z o open fold
z O open fold recursive (capital o)
z r open folds

See narrowing for a focused approach to editing.


Jump the current line to the center, top or bottom of the buffer. Evil equivalents of the Emacs C-l key bindings.

Keybinding Description
z b scroll the current line to bottom of buffer
z t scroll the current line to top of buffer
z z scroll the current line to center of buffer
z ^ scroll top line to bottom
z + scroll bottom line to top