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Spacemacs Mini Cheatsheetλ︎

Ctrl-g two times will cancel most actions in Spacemacs

Spacemacs Holy Mode: use M-m instead of SPC and M-RET instead of , in the Keys below


Key action
, ' start the REPL
, e f evaluate a function
, e ; evaluate a function, add result as comment
, m b show running REPL's (browse)
, t a run all tests (use in test namespace)

Working with projectsλ︎

Key action
SPC f f find file
SPC p f project specific find file
SPC p a toggle between source and test files
SPC TAB switch to previous buffer
SPC s s swoop search in project
SPC b b List current buffers
SPC b d Kill current buffer
SPC number Jump to window number

Using Vimλ︎

Key action
j move cursor down one line
k move cursor up one line
l move cursor right one character
h move cursor left one character
* to next matching symbol name
$ end of current line
0 start of current line
% jump to matching parens or next closed paren
gg start of buffer
G end of buffer
v visual select
y yank - copy selected text
y y yank line - copy entire line
/ search forwards in current buffer

Changing Textλ︎

Key Action
i insert - edit at cursor
a append - edit after cursor
o new line after cursor
O new line before cursor
ESC return to normal mode
x delete character and add to kill ring
p paste (put)
u undo
Ctrl-r redo
g c c comment current line
D delete to end of line
dd delete the current line
dt delete to a character (not including character)

Quit / restartλ︎

Key action
SPS q r Restart Spacemacs keeping window and buffer layouts
SPC q q Quit Spacemacs