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MaGit - Version Controlλ︎

Magit is simple to use and powerful Git client which provides equivalents for all Git CLI commands and even has a git command line option.

Magit status allows fine-grained staging of changes within visual diffs for files, hunks or just a single line. Commit, amend, squash and rebase to your local repository. Browse the commit history log which can also be used to reset commits, interactive rebase and cherry pick changes.

Magit can push and pull changes with remote repositories and using Forge can also manage issue and pull request too.

Space g opens the Git menu.

Space gs is the equivalent of git status and opens the Magit client, providing full control over local and remote Git repositories.

? shows the top level command menu in the Magit status buffer.

Magit overviewλ︎

Here is a quick demonstration of Magit in action where we stage and commit changes locally, then push those commits to Github.