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Encryption in Emacs - EasyPG Assistantλ︎

EasyPG Assistant provides the following features.

  • Key management.
  • Cryptographic operations on regions.
  • Cryptographic operations on files.
  • Dired integration.
  • Mail-mode integration.
  • Automatic encryption/decryption of *.gpg files.

EasyPG Assistant commands are prefixed by ‘epa-’. For example,

  • SPC SPC epa-list-keys browse your keyring
  • SPC SPC epa-sign-region create a cleartext signature of the region
  • SPC SPC epa-encrypt-file encrypt a file

automatic encryption/decryption of *.gpg files is configured in Spacemacs

Common usesλ︎

  • Encrypting org mode files
  • Encrypting personal access tokens and passwords, e.g authinfo.gpg