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iedit in actionλ︎

How to do things with iedit

Changing multiple occurrencesλ︎

First select one instance of a character or word that occurs multiple times in the buffer. This is typically done with visual mode, v.

SPC s e will highlight all occurrences and put you in iedit state.

Any Vim style editing will change all occurrences.

ESC or fd will end iedit state and return to Vim normal state.

Editing selectionsλ︎

IEdit defaults to selecting all matches.

C-; in iedit state allows you to edit the selections.

Once editing the selections, use n to jump to next word/region and N to the previous.

M-; will toggle the selection of the current word/region.

iedit and narrowing

iedit selects all occurrences in a buffer. If you only want to change one part of the text (or a specific function), then you can narrow to just edit that specific region. See narrow for more details

iedit a functionλ︎

In iedit state you can:

F to limit the scope to the current function L to limit the scope to the current line J to increase the scope (starting from the current line) one line below K to increase the scope one line above

Navigate between the occurrences with n and N and TAB to remove an occurrence.

iedit - replace multiple wordsλ︎

  • manual selection of several words then replace:

v w w SPC s e S "toto" ESC ESC

  • append text to a word on two lines: v i w SPC s e J i "toto" ESC ESC

  • substitute symbol /with expand-region/: SPC v v e S "toto" ESC ESC

  • replace symbol with yanked (copied) text /with expand region/: SPC v e p ESC ESC

iedit example - multiple find and replaceλ︎

If you have text you want to edit in multiple places at the same time, rather than the traditional find/replace, you can select all the regions and use multiple cursors to edit all regions simultaneously.

  • Put the cursor over the word you want to replace
  • v to enter visual (select) mode
  • SPC v to select word or region
    • v increases the selected region
    • V to reduce selected region
  • e for iedit state
  • C-; to edit selection
    • n jump to next matching selected region
    • p jump to previous matching selected region
    • M-j deselect current region
    • S substitute text in all regions
    • D delete all selected regions

Space se matches all instances of a region under the cursor (iedit state)