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Cider configuration variables.λ︎

The following in non-authoritative list of configuration variables, created by searching for defcustom across the clojure-emacs/cider project.

Variables are grouped by the files they are defined in throughout the clojure-emacs/cider project.

CIDER Variables can be set via:

  • .dir-locals.el files for project specific configuration
  • (clojure :variables variable-name value) in .spacemacs layers list
  • (setq variable-name value) in dotspacemacs/user-config section of .spacemacs

Hint::Clojure Project Configurationλ︎

Examples of using .dir-locals.el for Clojure projects are covered in the project level configuration page


Variables Default value Description
cider-completion-use-context true - use context at point to improve completion suggestions
cider-annotate-completion-candidates true - annotate completion candidates
cider-annotate-completion-function function to format annotations for completion candidates - takes 2 arguments: abbreviation candidate type (cider-completion-annotations-alist) and candidate namespace
cider-completion-annotations-alist Annotation abbreviation for completion candidates (TYPE . ABBREVIATION). TYPE is that returned from the completion backend.ABBREVIATION is a short form of that type.
cider-completion-annotations-include-ns Pass namespace to cider-annotate-completion-function, 'always passed if namespace is available. 'unqualified only pass namespace if not namespace-qualified.


Variables Default value Description
cider-eval-spinner-type 'progress-bar Type of evaluation spinner (describe-variable spinner-types)
cider-show-eval-spinner t Show evaluation spinner in mode line
cider-eval-spinner-delay 1 Time (seconds) elapsed before evaluation spinner shown (default: 1)
cider-enhanced-cljs-completion-p t Enable dynamic cljs completions. Expressions at point evaluated, resulting value are used to compute completions
cider-print-fn nil Pretty print function: 'pprint clojure.pprint, pr clojure.core/pr, fipp fast idiomatic pprint, puget serialised fipp, zprint zprint library, nil defer to REPL
cider-print-options nil Options map passed to cider-print-fn, pprint example: '((\"length\" 50) (\"right-margin\" 70))
cider-print-quota (* 1024 1024) Hard limit on the number of bytes to return from any printing operation, nil for no limit
cider-print-buffer-size (* 4 1024) Chunk size (bytes) for print streaming. Smaller chunks, faster feedback and smaller results (only single chunk result can be font-locked)
cider-filtered-namespaces-regexps Filter var/symbol/namespace with list of Clojure regex patters (double backslashes as passed through CIDER middleware)


Variables Default value Description
cider-eldoc-max-num-sexps-to-skip 30 Maximum number of sexps to skip while searching the beginning of current sexp
cider-eldoc-ns-function #'identity Function returning a ns string to eldoc. Takes namespace name as argument. Convenience functions: cider-abbreviate-ns, and cider-last-ns-segment
cider-eldoc-max-class-names-to-display 3 Maximum number of classes to display in eldoc string (Java interop forms may have several classes), with "& x more" suffix. nil - all classes are displayed
cider-eldoc-display-for-symbol-at-point t t display eldoc for symbol at point. nil always display eldoc for first symbol of the sexp.
cider-eldoc-display-context-dependent-info nil t display context dependent info in the eldoc. CIDER adds expected function arguments based on the current context


Variables Default value Description
cider-debug-prompt 'overlay Position of debug key binding menu. overlay overlay above the current function. minibuffer in minibuffer with return value. t overlay and minibuffer. nil no menu
cider-debug-use-overlays t Highlight debug information with overlays. Same values as cider-use-overlays
cider-debug-display-locals nil t local variable display during debugging. Toggled with cider-debug-toggle-locals
cider-debug-prompt-commands List of debugger command specs in the format (KEY COMMAND-NAME DISPLAY-NAME?). KEY is a character mapped to the command COMMAND-NAME which is a valid debug command to be passed to the cider-nrepl middleware DISPLAY-NAME is the string displayed in the debugger overlay. If DISPLAY-NAME is nil, that command is hidden from the overlay but still callable. The rest of the commands are displayed in the same order as this list."


Variables Default value Description
cider-result-use-clojure-font-lock t t interactive eval results are font-locked as Clojure code.
cider-overlays-use-font-lock t t results overlays are font-locked as Clojure code. nil apply cider-result-overlay-face to the entire overlay instead
cider-use-overlays 'both Display evaluation results with overlays. t overlays determined by cider-result-overlay-position. nil display on the echo area. both display on both places.
cider-result-overlay-position 'at-eol Display result overlays for inline evaluation and the debugger. If 'at-eol display at the end of the line. 'at-point display at the end of the respective sexp.
cider-eval-result-prefix "=>" Prefix displayed in minibuffer before a result value
cider-eval-result-duration 'command Duration (seconds) of CIDER's eval-result overlays. nil overlays last indefinitely. command overlays erased after the next command. See `cider-use-overlays'.
cider-use-fringe-indicators t Display evaluation indicators on the left fringe.


Variables Default value Description
cider-inspector-page-size 32 Results per page in paginated inspector view, s to interactively change
cider-inspector-fill-frame nil t cider inspector window fills its frame
cider-inspector-skip-uninteresting t skips values when navigating with `cider-inspector-*-inspectable-object' commands

REPL historyλ︎

Variables Default value Description
cider-repl-history-display-style 'separated 'separated display cider-repl-history-separator between entries. 'one-line replace newlines with "\n"
cider-repl-history-quit-action 'quit-window Action when cider-repl-history-quit called. 'bury-buffer bury cider-repl-history buffer but keep window, 'bury-and-delete-window bury buffer and delete window if more than one window in frame. 'delete-and-restore restore window layout and kill cider-repl-history buffer. 'quit-window restore window layout and bury cider-repl-history. 'kill-and-delete-window kill the cider-repl-history buffer and delete the window on close.
cider-repl-history-resize-window nil Resize the cider-repl-history window to fit its contents. t resize window (MAXIMUM . MINIMUM) for the size of the window. MAXIMUM defaults to the window size chosen by pop-to-buffer'; MINIMUM defaults towindow-min-height'.
cider-repl-history-separator ";;;;;;;;;;" String separating entries in the separated style. See cider-repl-history-display-style
cider-repl-history-recenter nil t always keep current entry at the top of the window
cider-repl-history-highlight-current-entry nil t highlight currently selected command history entry
cider-repl-history-highlight-inserted-item nil t temporarily highlight inserted command history entry. 'solid highlight inserted text for a fixed period of time. 'pulse fade out the highlight gradually. cider-repl-history-inserted-item-face face used for highlighting.
cider-repl-history-separator-face 'bold Face to highlight cider-repl-history-separator
cider-repl-history-current-entry-face 'highlight Face to highlight command history current entry
cider-repl-history-inserted-item-face 'highlight Face to highlight inserted item
cider-repl-history-maximum-display-length nil Limit the length of displayed items. Command history limited to number of characters. nil means no limit
cider-repl-history-display-duplicates t t display duplicate items in the command history
cider-repl-history-display-duplicate-highest t When cider-repl-history-display-duplicates is nil, display most recent duplicate items in command history
cider-repl-history-text-properties nil If non-nil, maintain text properties of the command history items.
cider-repl-history-hook nil List of functions to call after `cider-repl-history'
cider-repl-history-show-preview nil t show preview of inserted text in REPL buffer using item under point where inserted


Variables Default value Description
cider-xref-actions '(("display-doc" . cider-doc-lookup) Actions applied on symbol found by xref search. First action in list selected as default. If only one action function, its applied automatically


Variables Default value Description
cider-font-lock-max-length 10000 Maximum length of strings to fontify in cider-font-lock-as. nil removes the fontification restriction
cider-doc-xref-regexp Regexp to search Clojure vars in doc buffers
cider-jdk-src-paths '("/usr/lib/jvm/openjdk-8/") Source code used by `cider-stacktrace-navigate'. Zip/jar file or extracted directory (recommended). Clojure sources:


Variables Default value Description
cider-repl-pop-to-buffer-on-connect t Display and Focus REPL buffer on connect. nil REPL buffer is created but not displayed. display-only REPL buffer displayed but not focused.
cider-repl-display-in-current-window nil Display REPL buffer in the current window.
cider-repl-use-pretty-printing t REPL buffer results pretty-printed. cider-toggle-pretty-printing interactively toggles. Specify printer function in cider-pprint-fn.
cider-repl-use-content-types nil REPL results presented using content-type information. cider-repl-toggle-content-types interactively toggles
cider-repl-auto-detect-type t Auto-detect REPL type using track-state information. cider-set-repl-type to manually change REPL between Clojure and ClojureScript REPL
cider-repl-use-clojure-font-lock t t use Clojure mode font-locking for input and result. nil uses cider-repl-input-face and cider-repl-result-face
cider-repl-require-ns-on-set nil Should the namespace be required before setting it in the REPL
cider-repl-result-prefix "" Display prefix characters in the REPL before a result value, e.g. "=>" may make results stand out more
cider-repl-tab-command 'cider-repl-indent-and-complete-symbol Command invoked by TAB key. Default option is cider-repl-indent-and-complete-symbol. indent-for-tab-command to use the default Emacs behavior.
cider-repl-init-code (list (cdr (assoc 'clj cider-repl-require-repl-utils-code))) Clojure code evaluated when starting a REPL, evaluated with bindings for set!-able vars in place.
cider-repl-display-help-banner t t help text will be displayed on REPL start
cider-repl-prompt-function #'cider-repl-prompt-default Function takes a namespace name and returns a prompt string. Convenience functions: cider-repl-prompt-lastname, cider-repl-prompt-abbreviated and cider-repl-prompt-default
cider-repl-image-margin 10 Margin applied to images in REPL buffer. Single number of pixels as symmetric margin, pair of numbers (x . y) for an arbitrary margin
cider-locref-regexp-alist Regular expressions for inline location references. (NAME REGEXP HIGHLIGHT VAR FILE LINE), NAME identifier of the regexp, REGEXP regexp matching a location, HIGHLIGHT sub-expression matching region to highlight on mouse-over, VAR sub-expression giving Clojure VAR to look up. FILE only used when VAR is nil and must be full resource path
cider-repl-wrap-history nil t to wrap history when the end is reached
cider-repl-history-size 500 Maximum number of items to keep in the REPL history
cider-repl-history-file nil File to save the persistent REPL history
cider-repl-shortcut-dispatch-char ?\, Character used to distinguish REPL commands from Lisp forms
cider-repl-buffer-size-limit No default Auto-trimming: Remove older output in the REPL buffer once the set size is reached


Variables Default value Description
cider-lein-command Command used to execute Leiningen
cider-lein-global-options Command global options used to execute Leiningen (e.g. -o for offline).
cider-lein-parameters Params passed to Leiningen to start an nREPL server via cider-jack-in.
cider-boot-command Command used to execute Boot
cider-boot-global-options Command global options used to execute Boot (e.g. -c for checkouts).
cider-boot-parameters Params passed to boot to start an nREPL server via cider-jack-in.
cider-clojure-cli-command Command execute Clojure CLI deps.edn. If clojure executable is not found on Windows, default to powershell
cider-clojure-cli-global-options DEPRECATED: use cider-clojure-cli-aliases - Command line options used to execute Clojure CLI
cider-clojure-cli-aliases Aliases to be added to Clojure CLI command (inserted before :cider/nrepl)
cider-clojure-cli-parameters Params to start an nREPL server via cider-jack-in. evaluated using format, with the first argument being the Clojure vector of middleware variables as a string.
cider-shadow-cljs-command The command used to execute shadow-cljs. By default we favour the project-specific shadow-cljs over the system-wide.
cider-shadow-cljs-global-options Command line options used to execute shadow-cljs (e.g. -v for verbose mode).
cider-shadow-cljs-parameters Params passed to shadow-cljs to start an nREPL server via cider-jack-in.
cider-gradle-command Command used to execute Gradle.
cider-gradle-global-options Command line options used to execute Gradle (e.g.: -m for dry run).
cider-gradle-parameters Params passed to gradle to start an nREPL server via cider-jack-in
cider-jack-in-default (if (executable-find "clojure") 'clojure-cli 'lein) Default tool when cider-jack-in outside a project. The Clojure CLI is is the default. Fallback to Leiningen if Clojure CLI not available
cider-preferred-build-tool Unless set, prompt when multiple project configuration files (deps.edn, project.clj, build.boot)
cider-allow-jack-in-without-project 'warn 'warn prompt to confirm jack-in command when not in a Clojure project. t cider-jack-in'quietly continues. nil cider-jack-in fails.
cider-known-endpoints nil List of connection endpoints for cider-connect eg. '((\"label\" \"host\" \"port\")) (label optional)
cider-connected-hook nil List of functions to call when connected to Clojure nREPL server.
cider-disconnected-hook nil List of functions to call when disconnected from the Clojure nREPL server
cider-inject-dependencies-at-jack-in t nil do not inject REPL dependencies (i.e. nREPL middleware) for cider-jack-in
cider-offer-to-open-cljs-app-in-browser t nil do not offer to open ClojureScript apps in a browser on connect
cider-jack-in-auto-inject-clojure nil nil Clojure version not injected. latest inject cider-latest-clojure-version, minimal inject cider-minimum-clojure-version "1.10.3" explicit version. Using list, first element is artifact ID string, second element is version number
cider-check-cljs-repl-requirements t Run requirement checks for the cljs REPLs. (only disable if experiencing a faulty check)
cider-custom-cljs-repl-init-form nil Form to start custom ClojureScript REPL (becomes return value of cider-custom-cljs-repl-init-form function which prompts for init form). Use with .dir-locals.el where it doesn't make sense to register a new ClojureScript REPL type
cider-default-cljs-repl nil ClojureScript REPL to start for cljs jack-in commands (.dir-locals.el approach recommended)
cider-edit-jack-in-command nil t allow the user to edit the cider-jack-in-* command line
cider-infer-remote-nrepl-ports nil t cider will use ssh to try to infer nREPL ports on remote hosts


Variables Default value Description
cider-apropos-actions '(("display-doc" . cider-doc-lookup) Controls the actions to be applied on the symbol found by an apropos search


Variables Default value Description
cider-scratch-initial-message Initial message displayed in new scratch buffers


Variables Default value Description
cider-ns-save-files-on-refresh 'prompt 'prompt user prompt to save modified files before refreshing. nil files not saved. t save modified files without confirmation.
cider-ns-save-files-on-refresh-modes '(clojure-mode) List of modes to determine which modified files are saved before refreshing. A major mode derived from list of the modes. t all modified files on the classpath are saved.
cider-ns-refresh-show-log-buffer nil nil log buffer will be written to but not displayed automatically (relevant info shown in mini-buffer t log buffer will be displayed every time cider-ns-refresh is called.
cider-ns-refresh-before-fn nil Clojure namespace-qualified function of zero arity called by cider-ns-refresh before reloading. nil no function called before reloading. Any thrown exception will prevent reloading.
cider-ns-refresh-after-fn nil Clojure namespace-qualified function of zero arity for cider-ns-refresh to call after reloading. nil no function invoked after reloading.


Variables Default value Description
cider-macroexpansion-display-namespaces tidy Should full namespace be shown for vars in macroexpansion buffer 'tidy not shown for locally defined or referred vars, 'qualified fully qualified vars shown, 'none no namespace qualification
cider-macroexpansion-print-metadata nil t include metadata in macroexpansion results


Variables Default value Description
cider-test-show-report-on-success nil Show *cider-test-report* buffer for successful tests, nil only generates report when tests fail and subsequent test runs
cider-auto-select-test-report-buffer t Should *cider-test-report* buffer be active window when it appears
cider-test-defining-forms '("deftest" "defspec") Forms that define top level of individual unit tests
cider-test-infer-test-ns 'cider-test-default-test-ns-fn infer test namespace. Defaults to -test postfix on the namespace name


Variables Default value Description
cider-prompt-for-symbol t always prompt, use symbol at point as default. nil use symbol at point, prompt if error.
cider-special-mode-truncate-lines t CIDER special buffers are line-truncated
cider-jump-to-pop-to-buffer-actions window cider-jump-to uses. If target file visible, reuse it. Otherwise open buffer in current window
cider-path-translations nil alist of path prefixes to path prefixes. Example: Map project located at \"~/projects/foo\" with src directory of foo mounted at \"/src\" in docker container `((\"/src\" \"~/projects/foo/src\"))
cider-prefer-local-resources nil Prefer local resources to remote (tramp) ones when both are available


Variables Default value Description
cider-doc-auto-select-buffer t auto-select the doc popup buffer
cider-docview-fill-column fill-column Fill column for docstrings in doc buffer


Variables Default value Description
nrepl-connected-hook nil List of functions to call when connecting to the nREPL server.
nrepl-disconnected-hook nil List of functions to call when disconnected from the nREPL server.
nrepl-force-ssh-for-remote-hosts nil If non-nil, do not attempt a direct connection for remote hosts.
nrepl-use-ssh-fallback-for-remote-hosts nil If non-nil, attempt to connect via ssh to remote hosts when unable to connect directly.
nrepl-sync-request-timeout 10 The number of seconds to wait for a sync response. Setting this to nil disables the timeout functionality.
nrepl-hide-special-buffers nil In buffer switching commands, some special buffers like the server buffer will be hidden
nrepl-log-messages nil t log protocol messages to nREPL messages buffer. During debug, allows inspection of communication between Emacs and nREPL server. Logging may impact performance
nrepl-message-colors Colors used in the messages buffer.


Variables Default value Description
cider-stacktrace-fill-column t Fill column for error messages in stacktrace display. If nil, messages will not be wrapped. If truthy but non-numeric, `fill-column' will be used.
cider-stacktrace-default-filters '(tooling dup) Frame types to omit from initial stacktrace display
cider-stacktrace-suppressed-errors '() Errors that won't make the stacktrace buffer 'pop-over' your active window. The error types are represented as strings


Variables Default value Description
cider-show-error-buffer t popup behavior of cider stack traces. 'always, 'except-in-repl, 'only-in-repl, nil no stack trace shown. cider-error-buffer always generated in background
cider-auto-jump-to-error t automatically jump to error location. 'errors-only don't jump to warnings
cider-auto-select-error-buffer t auto-select the error popup buffer
cider-auto-track-ns-form-changes t auto-evaluate ns form of source buffer when changed. nil no evaluation of ns forms
cider-auto-inspect-after-eval t auto-update inspector buffer after eval when cider-inspect buffer is visible
cider-save-file-on-load 'prompt prompt to save the file when loading a buffer. t save file without confirmation. nil files are not saved.
cider-file-loaded-hook nil List of functions to call when a load file has completed
cider-interactive-eval-output-destination 'repl-buffer destination for stdout and stderr produced from interactive evaluation
cider-comment-prefix ";;=>" prefix to insert before the first line of commented output
cider-comment-continued-prefix ";;" prefix to use on the second and subsequent lines of commented output
cider-comment-postfix "" postfix to be appended after the final line of commented output


Variables Default value Description
cider-mode-line-show-connection t show REPL connection details in modeline
cider-mode-line display current connection Mode line lighter to display cider status, nil disables status. variable is a mode line template as in mode-line-format. Info Node (elisp)Mode Line Format for mode line templates.
cider-switch-to-repl-after-insert-p t Switch to REPL buffer after inserting form to the REPL
cider-switch-to-repl-on-insert t Switch to REPL buffer when inserting form into the REPL
cider-invert-insert-eval-p nil nil insert form in REPL buffer, t insert and eval form in REPL buffer
cider-dynamic-indentation t Enhance clojure-mode indentation using runtime nformation, eg. ":style/indent" metadata
cider-font-lock-dynamically '(macro core deprecated) Apply syntax highlighting to vars defined in active nREPL connection, in addition to clojure-mode static font-lock. Value is list of symbols: macro any defined macro gets font-lock-keyword-face, function defined function gets the font-lock-function-face, var non-local var gets the font-lock-variable-name-face, deprecated deprecated var gets the cider-deprecated-face, core symbol from clojure.core (face depends on type), t font lock as much as possible
cider-font-lock-reader-conditionals t Apply font-locking to unused reader conditional expressions depending on the buffer CIDER connection type
cider-use-tooltips t t displays mouse-over tooltips and `help-echo' mechanism


Variables Default value Description
cider-session-name-template "%J:%h:%p" String format for session names - describe cider-format-connection-params for available formats
cider-connection-message-fn #'cider-random-words-of-inspiration generate the message displayed on connect - nil no message, cider-random-tip random tip on using CIDER
cider-redirect-server-output-to-repl t Should nREPL server output be redirected to the REPL buffer. t output sent to nrepl-server buffer and REPL buffer. n only nrepl-server buffer
cider-auto-mode t Should all Clojure buffers be automatically set to cider major mode