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Evil G menuλ︎

g in normal mode opens a menu of convenient utilities. Practicalli uses this menu to comment existing lines, edit with multiple cursors, jumping to top or bottom of the buffer and joining lines together.

Spacemacs Vim Normal - g menu

Comment lines and regionsλ︎

g c c will comment the current line using the buffer major mode comment character(s). A prompt will ask if no comment character is set for the major mode.

g c with a selected region will comment all lines with the major mode comment character(s)

Multiple cursorsλ︎

g r is the menu for multiple cursors, allowing simultaneous editing at multiple points

12 gr j will add a cursor to the 12 lines below the current cursor, using the same position in the line. Any edits are applied to all cursors.

g r q will quit multiple cursors, returning to just one cursor.

Jumping aroundλ︎

g g jumps to the top of the buffer, g G to the bottom of the buffer

g d to jump to the source code of a function definition, g D to open that in a different window.

Moving text aroundλ︎

g J joins the next line to the current line.


g t to switch to next workspace, g T to switch to previous.

Changing text caseλ︎

g u to change the current character or selection to lowercase, g U for uppercase.

Hint::Toggle case with ~λ︎

~ will toggle the case of the current character or selected region.