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Yasnippets for Org-modeλ︎

Snippets provide a way to add common code or text.

<ta M-/ adds a two column table snippet with a caption. The cursor is the first tab stop, followed by the first column name, then the second column name.

Yasnippets official snippets - org-modeλ︎

The current snippets for org-mode from the yasnippet official snippet collection

Snippet name Key Description
author <a Author metadata
center <c center block
date <da date metadata - year, month, day
description desc description metadata
dot dot_ Graphviz source block
elisp elips_ Emacs lisp source block with tangle
emacs-lisp emacs-lisp_ Emacs lisp source block with tangle
email <em email metadata
embedded emb_ general source block
entry entry_ html source block with layout and title
exampleblock <e example source block
export <ex export source block with type
figure fig_ LaTeX figure
html <ht html metadata
image <im Image with caption
img img_ html image tag
include <i include metadata
ipython ipy_ ipython source block
keywords <ke keywords metadata
language <lan language metadata
link <li org link
matrix matrix_ matrix computation
options <op options metadata
python py_ python source block
quote <q quote block
rv_background <rsb reveal single colored background
rv_image_background <rib reveal image background
setup set setup file metadata
src <src source code block
style <st stylesheet metadata
table <ta org table
title <ti title metadata
uml uml uml source block
verse <v verse source block
video <vi org link to video file