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Mnemonic Menu with Which-Keyλ︎

Spacemacs uses which-key to create a menus system of keybindings for the most commonly used commands.

Which-key provides single chord keybindings, SCP p f rather than C-x C-p C-f. Single chord key bindings are easier to remember and therefore make Spacemacs simpler to learn and faster to use. Single chorded key bindings are also less of a strain on hands when typing.

Mnemonic characters for keys are used where possible, using the first character of a command or a prominent character if a particular character is already taken. Sub-menus are added to increase the range of characters available for a menu. Spacemacs prefers a sub-menu rather than upper case or non-mnemonic characters.

Spacemacs Which-Key Spacemacs Which-Key

Which-key menu controlsλ︎

C-h opens the which-key command menu, allowing navigation through menus and sub-menus.

which-key menu - C-h which-key menu - C-h

C-h n shows the next page of commands when a menu is so large it is be spanned over several pages. C-h p shows the previous menu page.

C-h u to show the parent of the current menu, useful if you navigated to an incorrect sub-menu.

Keybinding Description
C-h Paging / help menu
n next page in menu
p previous page in menu
u up to parent menu
h help
a abort