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Magit Forge - issues, PRs and forkingλ︎

Magit Forge connects to the GitHub & GitLab via their open APIs, collectively referred to as forges.

Topics (the collective name for issues and pull requests) from a repository can be created, edited, commented upon and assigned to people.

Magic Forge uses the APIs of these forges to manage issue and pull requests, collectively referred to as topics.

@ a to add a repository from the current project to a local database, to cache a list of topics (issues and pull requests) from a remote repository.

Issues, pull requests and forks can be created on a remote repository, once the repository has been added to the local dictionary.

@ opens the forge menu from the Magit Status buffer, , g s, and therefore requires a local Git repository.

Spacemacs Magit Forge menu Spacemacs Magit Forge menu

Forge Configuration required

Create an encrypted .authinfo.gpg file for connection details of each forge used before using the Magit Forge commands.