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Stashing changesλ︎

z opens the Stash menu, allowing you to keep changes in your working directory or staging index without having to commit them. Stashing your local changes allows you to change to a different branch or pull commits from a remote repository.

Spacemacs Magit - stashing menu

z to stash all the changes in your local working directory and staged changes (index).

i stashes only changes that are staged, w stashes only the working directory

- u will also include the untracked files in the stash

Mini-buffer shows a prompt for the name of the stash. A meaningful name for the stash allows understanding the purpose of the stash and make it simpler to use multiple stashes

Restore stageλ︎

With the cursor on a stash in the Magit Status buffer:

a to apply the changes in a stash to the working directory, keeping the changes in the stash

p to pop the change, applying the changes to the working directory and removing the stash

x to delete the stash

If the cursor is not on a stash, the mini-buffer prompts for the stash name.