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Projectile - project specific commandsλ︎

SPC p opens the projectile menu allowing you to run commands relative to the project of the active buffer.

Spacemacs Projectile menu

What is a Projectile projectλ︎

A project can be one or more of the following things

  • Git - a directory with the .git directory
  • Language specific - e.g. a Clojure Leiningen project
  • Projectile - any directory with a .projectile file

Hint::Searching across multiple projectsλ︎

Create an empty file called .projectile in the root of the directory that contains all your projects. SPC / in any project will now search through all files in all your projects. Remove the .projectile file when finished, to search through just the current project.

Opening Files from the same projectλ︎

SPC p f to open a file in the current project that you know the name of. All project files are listed and as you type the file name the list of names is narrowed. Use C-k and C-j keybindings to move up and down the list respectively.

This is a good approach if you know the name but not the directory path of the file. Use SPC f f if you know the directory but not the name of the file you want.

Spacemacs Projectile File - new file

Switching between buffersλ︎

SPC p b gives a helm popup list of currently open buffers for the current project. Entering a buffer name pattern narrows that list and C-k and C-j keybindings move up and down the list respectively.

Toggling between test and code filesλ︎

SPC p a toggles the buffer between the test and code files in your project.

In Clojure this is based on the corresponding namespaces, so SPC p a would toggle between these two files.


Keybindings / commands


Cider also has a command to do this:


Allegedly, this command is not as effective as the projectile command.

Project search and replaceλ︎

SPC p % starts projectile-grep, prompting for the search term and what text to use to replace it.

Each buffer containing a matching search text will be opened in turn and each matching instance of the text will be jumped to for confirmation that it should be replaced.

y to replace the current match and jump to the next match

n to skip replacement of the current match and jump to the next match.

Hint::Helm-ag and iedit more effective for larger changesλ︎

Use Evil tools to replace text across projects (refactor), especially for large numbers of changes. Only matching lines are displayed so it is easier to see how many places you are making the change in.