Clojure specific refactor tools

, r is the refactor menu in Spacemacs which contains commands specific to refactor Clojure code. These complement the Evil tools and structural editing

The default refactor tools are part of the clojure-mode package and work even when the REPL is not running. The optional clj-refactor commands mostly require a running REPL to work.

Refactor menu

Keybinding Description
, r ? Display help on how to enable clj-refactor package in the Clojure layer
, r a n add namespace at top of current buffer
, r a N add namespace at current point
, r c # convert collection to a set #{}
, r c ' convert collection to a quoted list
, r ( convert collection to a list
, r : cycle between keyword and string
, r [ convert collection to a vector
, r { convert collection to a hash-map
, r i cycle between if and if-not
, r p cycle privacy of vars, defn/defn- & def/`def ^:private**

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