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Visual Selectλ︎

Select characters, words, lines and regions with visual select. The background changes color to visually indicate which text is selected

v enters visual select mode and can be with objects such as word w and locations such as end of line $.

SPC v to select a word, v to widen the selection, V to narrow, r to reset (cancel) the selection.

o to expand from left side of selection and O to expand from the right side of a selection, using the hjkl navigation keys

Visual Line selectionλ︎

V to select by lines, using j and k.

Visual Region selectionλ︎

C-v to select a region using the hjkl navigation keys.


e in visual select state starts iedit mode, highlighting all occurrences of the selection. Any change to the highlighted text is concurrently applied to all occurrences.

ESC or fd to end the iedit session.