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Re run tests from test report buffer

Re-run test from test results bufferλ︎

A test report is only generated once any of the tests fail for the current REPL session. Once a test report has been created, further test runs will update the report. The test report is displayed in a new buffer.

Clojure test report - failure

Tests can be re-run from the *cider-test-results* buffer, although this buffer does not support Evil normal state (PR's welcome).

C-z to switch to Emacs state in order for these keybindings to work.

Keyboard shortcut Description
g Run test at point.
n Run tests for current namespace.
l Run tests for all loaded namespaces.
p Run tests for all project namespaces. This loads the additional namespaces.
f Re-run test failures/errors.
M-p Move point to previous test.
M-n Move point to next test.
t or M-. Jump to test definition.
d Display diff of actual vs expected.
e Display test error cause and stacktrace info.