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Navigating Clojure Namespacesλ︎

, g n (cider-find-ns) lists the namespaces currently loaded into the running REPL. Type a pattern to narrow the list. C-j and C-k to navigate the list. RET to open the namespace in the current buffer.

Spacemacs Clojure - Cider find namespace

Namespaces via Projectileλ︎

SPC p f (helm-projectile-find-file) is an effective way to switch between files in the project. Helm uses fuzzy matching, so _ characters can be skipped when narrowing the helm list with a pattern, so searching for a file is the same as searching for a namespace.

g g jumps to the top of the file, which should be near to the location of the ns form

LSP symbols and ns definitionsλ︎

, g s (helm-lsp-workspace-symbols) lists all the symbols found in the current project, including ns, def and defn forms.

Type in a pattern to narrow the list. C-j and C-k to navigate the list.

RET to jump to the symbol, opening the relevant namespace in the current buffer.

Spacemacs Helm LSP workspace symbols - navigate to symbols across a project

Browse namespace symbol documentationλ︎

Browse namespace symbols by navigating through the definitions in a namespace (def, defn) and view their documentation (doc strings).

, h n (cider-browse-ns) lists all namespaces loaded into the REPL in the current project. Namespaces in the project that have not been evaluated, directly or via a require, will not be in the list.

Clojure - Namespaces - browse-ns

RET to show the symbols in the namespace

RET on a namespace symbol to see the documention in a pop-up wondow. Use the link to the source code file in the documentation to open the namespace in the buffer.

REPL buffer cider commandsλ︎

, in Evil insert mode in the REPL buffer will bring up the REPL command menu

Command Description
browse-ns Browse namespace
ns Switch to namespace (lists known namespaces)

Clojure REPL commands - namespace

Using code to change the namespaceλ︎

in-ns function will set the namespace for the REPL. If that namespace does not exist, then the namespace is created in the current REPL.

Clojure REPL - change namespace