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Find Usagesλ︎

Show all functions that reference a function or any var, matching on the namespace and symbol name.

cider-xref-fn-refs - find use of a function under the cursor, showing results in a new buffer

cider-xref-fn-refs-select - show the usages of the function at point in the mini-buffer

cider-xref-fn-deps and cider-xref-fn-deps-select to navigate to the functions used by some function

CIDER find usages

Pull Request for Spacemacs key bindings

A Pull request should be created to add key binding to Spacemacs to launch these commands.


Find usages only works for Clojure will show only data for evaluated namespaces.

Only information that a function is used is provided, there is no information as to the precise location.

Lambda functions do not currently work with find usages.

Alternative approachesλ︎

, r f u find usages with clj-refactor.el

Space / pattern will show all matches to the pattern in a project. Ctrl+c Ctrl+e will open those results in a separate buffer and any edits will be applied to the original files.