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Project and File Navigationλ︎

🌐 Projectile provides easy project management and navigation. A project is a directory containing a version control repository, e.g. .git or a Clojure project, eg. project.clj, pom.xml.

Define a directory as a project root by adding an empty .projectile file.

Notable Projectile's features:

  • jump to a directory, file or buffer in project
  • toggle between files with same names but different extensions
  • toggle between code and its test
  • recently visited files in the project
  • switch between projects you have worked on
  • kill all project buffers
  • replace in project
  • multi-occur in project buffers
  • grep in project
  • regenerate project etags or gtags (requires ggtags).
  • browse dirty version controlled projects

Spacemacs - Projectile menu Spacemacs - Projectile menu


Treemacs is the default visual file browser in Spacemacs, providing a way to view and navigate all the directories and files in a project. Visit the 🌐 Treemacs project for details of all its features

Space+f+t or Space+p+t toggles the Treemacs buffer, the latter opens Treemacs with the root set to the projectile project root.

Space+0 to select the Treemacs window at any time. The Treemacs window s always assigned the number 0.

Spacemacs - Treemacs example


Space a t r r runs ranger to navigate directories and view contents of files quickly, using standard Vi keybindings, j,k,h,l.

Ranger is great for quickly looking through files, thanks to its preview option.

Spacemacs - Ranger directory and file navigation Spacemacs - Ranger directory and file navigation

Discover more about ranger in the working with projects section.

Ranger terminal file manager

🌐 Ranger terminal file manager