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Update Spacemacs and Packagesλ︎

Updating Spacemacs comes in three sections:

  • Pull latest Spacemacs commits
  • Compare changes with .spacemacs-template file
  • Install Packages

Update Spacemacs project filesλ︎

Open $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/emacs/ or $HOME/.emacs.d/

Space g s opens Magit status for the Spacemacs project

F pop-ups the pull menu, use -r to set rebase to true

u to pull from upstream.

If upstream is not set, Spacemacs will prompt you with a list of available remotes, there will be only one (the remote added when you first cloned the repository).

Spacemacs should update itself using Git in a few seconds.

q to quit Magit status buffer.

Update the Spacemacs configurationλ︎

Space f e D opens an ediff session, comparing your current .spacemacs file with the latest .spacemacs-template.

N, P navigates (down/up) between each difference in the file. B copies a change from the template to your .spacemacs file. Accept all the changes from the template unless you know you made a specific change to your .spacemacs file.

Q to quit the ediff session and Space f s to save the changes to the Spacemacs configuration.

Update Packagesλ︎

Space f e U updates shows the list of packages that will be updated

Y to confirm you want to install the packages

Wait until Spacemacs prompts to restart

Space q r to restart Spacemacs. The new versions of the packages are install when Spacemacs starts up again.

If downloading a considerable number of packages, or you see a lot of warnings, then using SPC q r for a second time can be useful to ensure that all new packages have been loaded correctly.