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Buffer managementλ︎

Buffers manage the display of files and other information, e.g. REPL, terminal, etc.

Opening a file replaces the content in the current buffer.

Spacemacs - Buffer menu Spacemacs - Buffer menu

Listing open buffersλ︎

Space b b to select a buffer from a list of buffers

A helm pop-up window appears at the bottom listing all open buffers. The helm popup window also shows recently opened buffers.

Enter to open the highlighted buffer.

Alt+D closes the currently selected buffer and remains in the buffer list.

Spacemacs - Buffer menu - List Buffers Spacemacs - Buffer menu - List Buffers

Buffer Transient Stateλ︎

Space b . launches buffer transient state to manage buffers using single character keybindings.

n and N to cycyle forward and backward through open buffers.

d to close the current buffer.

Spacemacs - Buffer Transient State Spacemacs - Buffer Transient State

Close buffers using buffer menuλ︎

Use helm-mini menu when you have a large number of buffers to delete.

Space b b to open the buffer helm-mini menu

Ctrl j and Ctrl k to navigate buffer names in the list of open buffers

Ctrl Space to mark a buffer for deletion

Meta D deletes all marked buffers

Commonly used keybindingsλ︎

Vim Normal Description
Space b . Enter buffer transient state
b list open buffers
h switch to home buffer
m switch to home message
n Show next buffer
N or p Show previous buffer
q Quit the buffer transient state