Literate Programming

Literate programming is a document in a natural language, interspersed with snippets of code that can be executed. It is an interactive document that can update sections of itself from the code that runs inside.

Configure Literate Programming with Clojure

Include the org and clojure layers in the dotspacemacs-layer-configuration of the ~/.spacemacs configuration file.

Create a Clojure project

Literate programming can be used with any working Clojure project, using either a deps.edn configuration or a Leinigen `project.clj** file.

Create a project using either Clojure CLI tools or Leiningen. Dependencies, apart from Clojure, itself are not required.

Clojure CLI tools (with clj-new)

clojure -M:project/new app practicalli/literate


lein new app literate

Simple example project

Clone practicalli/literate-programming-in-clojure project for a simple example project that works.

Run a Clojure REPL

Open the deps.edn, project.clj, or any source code file from the project.

, ' or M-RET ' to start a REPL.

Create an org file with Clojure code blocks

Create an org file, eg. in the root of the Clojure project.

Write the text of the document and use , b d to add a code block, selecting clojure as the language.

Add :results value after clojure in the code block BEGIN line.

In the code block write your clojure code, eg (+ 1 2 3)

C-c C-c to evaluate the code block at the cursor point. The result is pasted underneath the code block.

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