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Line Numbersλ︎

Space t n menu toggles line numbers, showing consecutive (absolute) A, relative R or visual V layout.

Configure dotspacemacs-line-numbers in Spacemacs configuration file to show line numbers by default.

Spacemacs - Toggle menu

Relative line numbers for Evilλ︎

A relative numbering style (visual, relative) is highly recommended for vim-style editing as it provides an effective way to apply actions to multiple lines

1 0 j jumps 10 lines forward

g c 9 j comments 9 lines from current, downwards

2 4 g r j selects multiple cursors for the next 24 lines

Relative line numbering shows the current line number with all other numbers the relative number of lines away from the current line. Relative numbering is useful for jumping to different parts of your file or running commands on a number of lines, eg. delete, indent, multiple cursors (g r)

Visual style line number configurationλ︎

Practicalli recommends using visual line numbers for Vim style editing, which provides relative numbering that does not count hidden or folded code.

Space f e d open the Spacemacs user configuration file. Space s s dotspacemacs-line-numbers to jump to the configuration option.

Change the dotspacemacs-line-numbers configuration to the preferred method. Space f s to save the file. Space f e R reloads the configuration (or Space q r to restart Spacemacs).

dotspacemacs-line-numbers '(:visual t
                            :disabled-for-modes dired-mode
                            :size-limit-kb 1000)

The configuration provides visual line numbers for buffers all buffers except dired, doc-view and pdf-view buffers.

Line numbers are also disabled for large files, as it can slow Emacs down considerably (although this may be less of a problem with Emacs 26.3 onward and native line numbers).

Turn line numbers off for all buffers by setting the dotspacemacs-line-numbers value to the default nil value.

dotspacemacs-line-numbers nil

Jumping to a line without line numbers

Space j l labels each line with a unique letter combination providing a quick way to a line even if there are no line numbers.