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Add SQL Layer and LSP supportλ︎

Space f e d to open the Spacemacs configuration. Add the sql layer to the dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list.

When lsp layer is used then LSP is set as the backend for all layers and will connect to an SQL LSP server when opening a related SQL buffer.

Or manually set LSP as the backend using a layer variable (if lsp has not been added to the Spacemacs configuration)

(sql :variables
     sql-backend 'lsp)

Install SQL LSP Serverλ︎

sqls provides the LSP server implementation for the SQL layer.

Install the latest sqls release for the Operating System in use.

Linux install: download the Linux release, extract the archive and move the sqls binary file to ~/.local/bin

sqls -help or sqls -version in a terminal confirms the binary is working.

Adding database connections via LSPλ︎

sql-lsp-sqls-workspace-config-path as an SQL layer variable defines the location of database connections in JSON format

(sql :variables
     sql-lsp-sqls-workspace-config-path 'workspace)
  • workspace: Emacs workspace directory, XDG location ~/.config/emacs/workspace/ or ~/emacs.d/workspace/
  • root: top level of current project

Database configuration for SQL LSPλ︎

Example database connection in JSON.

  "sqls": {
    "connections": [
        "driver": "mysql",
        "dataSourceName": "user1:password1@tcp(localhost:3306)/sample_db"

With sql-lsp-sqls-workspace-config-path set as workspace the configuration should be saved to the Emacs workspace directory, e.g. ~/.config/emacs/workspace/practicalli-database-connections.json

Avoid saving plain-text passwords in projects

Saving plain-text passwords in configuration files is a security risk. Passwords should definitely not be checked into a code sharing service (GitLab, GitHub, etc).

Using the workspace option minimises the risk of adding passwords to a shared code service as it is not part of any source code projects, although it still presents some risk if security of the Operating System is breached.

Add database connections securely via Elisp

Connections can be defined in Elisp and added to the dotspacemacs/user-config section of the Spamcemacs configuration file, optionally using a PGP encrypted password for greater security.