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Try Pull Requests with Magitλ︎

Magit provides an easy way to try out pull requests from remote repositories, e.g. Github, Gitlab.

SPC g s to open Magit in the git project the current file belongs to. A popup displays selector displays if the current buffer is not part of a Git project.

b y in Magit will popup the current list of pull request from the git project. Selecting a pull request will open git a local branch for that pull request. You can now test all the changes you wish.

Once you are done, you can go back to magit with SPC g s and change back to your previous local branch with b b.

So Magit provides a quick and simple way to collaborate with other developers.

Checking out a Pull Request from the Spacemacs projectλ︎

Here is a simple example of using Magit to try out a pull request from the Spacemacs project from within Spacemacs itself.

{% youtube %}