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List your local Git repositoriesλ︎

SPC g L will list all the repositories along with basic status information (branches, dirty, etc). This is very useful as the number of created or cloned repositories grows on your computer.

Magit: List Git repositories on your computer

You first need to tell Magit where your repositories are on your computer.

Configure the location of your Git repositoriesλ︎

magit-repository-directories is used to define which directories Magit should search in to find your Git repositories. This configuration should be added to the dotspacemacs/user-config section of your .spacemacs file.

In the following example the Git repositories are all under a directory called projects in your home directory. It also specifically adds the Spacemacs repository in .emacs.d.

(setq magit-repository-directories
        '(("~/.emacs.d"  . 0)
          ("~/projects/" . 2)))

The number represents the depth of subdirectories in which magit searches for Git repositories in the specified directory.

Hint:: Setting repository directories changes Magit Status behaviourλ︎

SPC g i should be used to initialize a new git repository once magit-repository-directories is set.

If you use SPC g s on a project that has no git version control, magit will prompt you for a git repository. Enter . to initialise a new git repository in the current project. Magit will prompt you in the mini-buffer to confirm you wish to create this git repository.

Spacemacs Magit: git status list of existing repositories