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clj-kondo Serverλ︎

For environments where the clj-kondo binary does not run, configure clj-kondo-lsp-server as an language server protocol (LSP) server. This provides the same features as using clj-kondo as a linter.

Example configuration is provided in practicalli/spacemacs.d

Not designed as a full LSP implementation

clj-kondo server only provides static analysis data and is not a full implementation of the Language Server Protocol. Clojure LSP is implementing the Language Server Protocol in full for Clojure and is built on top of the analytic data generated by clj-kondo

A process for each projectλ︎

When opening a Clojure project, a prompt asks if the project should be imported. Every imported project will spawn an LSP process. LSP will remember which projects are imported and spawns an LSP process if Emacs is restarted, adding a few seconds to the startup time.

Spacemacs Clojure LSP import project prompt Spacemacs Clojure LSP import project prompt

SPC a p calls the list-process command which includes all the clojure-lsp processes if you are concerned about resource usage, although this is very low. j/k navigates the list of processes, d deletes a process and q quits the process list browser.

UI differencesλ︎

Using clj-kondo via LSP shows the text of its messages on the right hand side of the buffer when you move the cursor over an error. When using clj-kondo as a linter, the messages are shown in a popup.

Install and Configure clj-kondo via LSPλ︎

Download the clj-kondo-lsp-server-standalone.jar

Save the clj-kondo jar file to the path to ~/.local/apps/clj-kondo-lsp-server-standalone.jar or preferred location.

Create a script called clojure-lsp-server-clj-kondo and add the java command to run the LSP server, updating the path to the .jar file if required.

java -jar ~/.local/apps/clj-kondo-lsp-server-standalone.jar

Space f e d to open the Spacemacs configuration file

Add lsp to the dotspacemacs-layers-configuration

Add the following code to dotspacemacs/user-config

Spacemacs Configuration - dotspacemacs/user-config
 (use-package lsp-mode
   :ensure t
   :hook ((clojure-mode . lsp))
   :commands lsp
   :custom ((lsp-clojure-server-command '("clojure-lsp-server-clj-kondo")))
   :config (dolist  (m '(clojure-mode clojurescript-mode))
             (add-to-list 'lsp-language-id-configuration `(,m . "clojure"))))

Space f s to save the file and Space q r to restart Emacs. This will download the required packages and load in the LSP configuration in order.