Source Control Introduction

Source control supports Git repositories and services including GitHub, GitLab along and Perforce.

Magit provides a graphical Git client in Spacemacs that provides all the features of the Git command line client.

Markers in the fringe show the changes between a file you are editing and the committed version of that file.

Installing Source Control

Recommended layers to add for source control include:

  • git - provides Magit, a feature rich git client that is easy to use
  • github - accessing GitHub repositories and Gists
  • version-control - general features including diff highlights in the window fringe

You must configure Git and add SSH keys and a personal access token to get the most out of Spacemacs source control with Git.

Configure Magit Forge to use services over GitHub and GitLab APIs, e.g. showing issues, creating pull requests, etc.

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