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Spacemacs Conventionsλ︎

Keybinding conventionsλ︎

General menu and commands

Spacemacs Major mode Normal Insert Command
SPC - global menu , - major mode menu Evil (Vim) normal mode Evil (Vim) insert mode Name of Emacs command

Evil (vim-style) states

  • normal - manipulating text
  • insert - typing in new text
  • visual - selecting regions of text
  • motion - ?
  • lisp - structural editing (smartparens)
  • iedit - editing multiple occurrences in a buffer simultaneously
  • Evilified - Emacs applications with Evil key bindings
  • emacs - Emacs chorded key bindings, i.e. C-c C-x, C-x C-s, etc.

Spacemacs - SPCλ︎

Spacemacs provides a global menu where you can access commands using a mnemonic, text based menu. Its the recommended starting point for those new to Spacemacs.

Access the global menu via SPC in Evil Normal mode or via M-m in all other modes

Major Mode - ,λ︎

Access features specific to the current major mode.

For example when you have a Clojure file or REPL buffer open you can access a Clojure specific menu using M-RET in Emacs mode or , in Vim normal mode.

Having a major mode specific menu removes the need to use SPC m in Vim normal mode or M-m in Emacs mode.

Evil (normal mode)λ︎

Vim arranges keybindings across multiple modes, reducing the number of key presses required to carry out commands normal mode specific short-cuts to access Spacemacs features

Command - SPC SPCλ︎

Every menu item and keybinding in Spacemacs is calling a function, collectively called commands.

Use commands with SPC SPC in Vim normal mode or M-x in any mode.

Use a command when there is no menu item or keybinding.

Classic Emacs Keybindingsλ︎

The keybindings used in Emacs (holy mode) are also available, many of which start with C-c or C-x. If you are familiar with these then its fine to stick with them. However, if you have trouble learning or remembering them, then switch to the Spacemacs mnemonic alternatives.

Universal argumentλ︎

SPC-u is the key binding for the Emacs universal argument, C-u in Emacs, which is used before other key bindings to modify the function that is called.

For example, SPC-u , m s in a Clojure file will start a REPL, but allow for editing of the command line that starts the REPL process