Markdown Mode

Markdown is a text format that provides very simple structure for documents. Markdown is often used for README files in code repositories.

Spacemacs Markdown mode example

Markdown menu

Spacemacs Markdown menu

Adding formatting

, x opens the text sub-menu to add formatting to markdown. Commonly used commands include:

, x b to add bold text, ****. Use with visual select to make existing code bold

, x q to insert a block quote, >

, x B to insert a checkbox * [ ]

, x C and select a language to insert a markdown code block

, x k to insert a keyboard tag , used with CSS to render keyboard keys


Define up to 6 levels of headings to help organize the content, collapsing headings to focus on specific parts.

, h 1 to insert a heading, # #. Headings 1 to 6 are supported

TAB to expand / collapse a single headings

S-TAB to expand / collapse all headings

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