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Navigating to function definitionsλ︎

, g g go to the source code definition of the Clojure function under the cursor. If the cursor is not on a function name, a prompt displays asking for the function name.

, g G to open the definition in another window

' ' returns to the point in the code you originally jumped from.

Hint::Run the REPL for best resultsλ︎

cider-find-var is used when a REPL is running, otherwise dumb-jump-go is called.

clojure.core functions are known to CIDER. Custom functions, i.e. defn expressions in the project, must first be evaluated in the REPL.

If , g g is not working, try evaluate any expression from the project and try , g g again.

Listing functionsλ︎

SPC j i lists matching functions of using the name under the cursor

Functions can come from anything that is on the classpath, including Java sources if they are installed.

Hint::Java classes and methodsλ︎

, g g also works for Java definitions once the Java sources are added to your project. See the section on Java Definitions