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Reference: Variables of the LSP layerλ︎

A quick reference of the main variables that can be set in the Spacemacs LSP layer configuration


Variable default description
lsp-enable-snippet t Enable LSP server built-in snippets and custom snippets
lsp-enable-folding t
lsp-semantic-tokens-enable nil
lsp-enable-file-watchers t
lsp-enable-links t
lsp-enable-imenu t
lsp-enable-dap-auto-configure t
lsp-eldoc-enable-hover t
lsp-completion-enable t Autocompletion pop-up
lsp-enable-symbol-highlighting t Highlight matching symbol names in current buffer
lsp-enable-xref t
lsp-enable-indentation t Disable to use Clojure-mode (CIDER) formatting
lsp-enable-on-type-formatting t Disable to use Clojure-mode (CIDER) formatting
lsp-enable-text-document-color t
lsp-modeline-code-actions-enable t
lsp-modeline-diagnostics-enable t Show LSP error/warning count in modeline
lsp-modeline-diagnostics-scope :workspace Diagnostics relevant to the current project only
lsp-modeline-workspace-status-enable t
lsp-headerline-breadcrumb-enable t
lsp-lens-enable t
lsp-enable-suggest-server-download t
lsp-file-watch-threshold 1000 Maximum number of files to watch in a project
lsp-log-io nil log all messages from language server to lsp-log buffer

SPC SPC lsp-toggle-symbol-highlight toggles highlighting

Symbol Highlight face

Subtle highlighting color for doom-gruvbox-light theme is defined in dotspacemacs/user-init of practicalli/spacemacs.d


variable default description
lsp-ui-sideline-enable t Show sideline bar
lsp-ui-doc-enable t disable all doc popups
lsp-ui-doc-show-with-cursor nil doc popup for cursor
lsp-ui-doc-show-with-mouse nil doc popup for mouse
lsp-ui-doc-delay 2 delay in seconds for popup to display
lsp-ui-doc-include-signature t include function signature
lsp-ui-doc-position 'at-point top bottom at-point
lsp-ui-doc-alignment 'window Position of doc popup - 'frame or 'window
lsp-enable-text-document-color t Font lock text in doc popup
lsp-lens-enable t display function call and unit test count next to function name

Disable Sideline bar

Practicalli recommends disabling the sideline bar to minimise distractions Add lsp-ui-sideline-enable nil to the lsp layer :variables in the Spacemacs configuration