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Projectile project navigation and managementλ︎

Projectile provides commands to navigate within a project and manage files and buffers as a project.

A project is defined by any of the following:

  • a source control directory e.g. .git
  • programming language tools e.g. deps.edn
  • projectile configuration file, .projectile

Commonly used commandsλ︎

SPC p f will find a file by name within the project scope

SPC p a will alternate between a source code file and its unit test file

SPC p " opens an external terminal at the root of the project, so external terminal commands can easily be run on the project, e.g. clojure -M:repl/rebel to start a terminal UI REPL


Ignore files in project Projectile configuration fileλ︎

A .projectile file at the root of a project include file and directory name patterns for Projectile to ignore, similar to a .gitignore file.

Projectile will ignore patterns in a .gitignore file. however, there may be additional patterns that Projectile should ignore that Git should not

Ignore files at the root of the project


Relative pathname ignores:


Ignore everything except certain sub-directories (not relevant for file names)


Projectile menuλ︎

SPC p opens the projectile menu

Spacemacs Projectile Menu