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Push Changesλ︎

Commits can be pushed to a remote repository using Magit Status buffer.

Hint::Ensure you are on the correct local branchλ︎

The current local branch is shown at the top of the Magit Status buffer. b b displays a popup to select a different branch if you are not on the correct branch to pull changes into.

SPC g s to open Magit Status buffer

P to open the pull menu

u to pull from the upstream remote repository. If this is not currently set, then a prompt appears to select the default upstream.

Push optionsλ︎

Changing the local history with a commit amend, extend, reword, rebase or squash will prevent changes being pushed to a remote repository that has the original history unchanged.

Magit will show Unpulled from and Unpushed to sections when the local and remote histories are different.

Spacemacs Magit Push - changed histories

The push menu has the -f switch to force a push with a lease (the recommended force type).

Hint::Fix rather than Forceλ︎

Pushing a new commit that fixes an issue is usually preferable than re-writing history and forcing a push when working on a shared repository.

Communicate clearly in advance and get agreement from other contributors if a force is the only option.

Pushing changes to an open pull requestλ︎

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