Formatting Code

Spacemacs automatically formats code as its written.

, = or M-RET = is the format menu in Spacemacs across all languages

TAB indents the current line of code (or selected region). Not that TAB may also trigger auto-completion too.

Clojure code is typically formatted following the Clojure Style Guide, although this is only a guide.

Cider format tools

, = b (cider-format-buffer) - format the Clojure code in the current buffer.

, = l (clojure-align) - vertically align the current line within the context of the top level form or selected area

For example, vertically align the values in a map

(def my-map
  {:a-key 1
   :other-key 2})

(def my-map
  {:a-key     1
   :other-key 2})

This can also be done automatically (as part of indentation) by turning on clojure-align-forms-automatically. This way it will happen whenever you select some code and hit TAB.

Clojure LSP

Clojure LSP uses cljfmt which has a large number of very strict rules, although all rules can be tailored or disabled as required.

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