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Speaking Evilλ︎

Evil is easier to learn if you learn to speak commands as sentences.

First learn some verbs:

c (change), d (delete), g go, v visual (select), y yank (copy)

Then use those verbs with some modifiers (motions)

' mark, { } beginning/end of paragraph, a around, f find (includes character), i inside, s surround, t till (just before a character)

Then learn the text objects you can apply verbs and modifiers too

b block/parentheses, p paragraph, s sentence t tag - html/xml, w word

Examples of speaking Evilλ︎

Practice speaking evil with these examples

Keybinding Description
c i s change inside current sentence (change the whole sentence)
c i " change inside double quotes
c f ) change from cursor to next ) character
c s ' " change by the surrounding single quotes with double quotes
c t X change till the character X (not including X)
c /foo change until the first search result of ‘foo’
d d delete current line
d i w delete inside the current word (delete word)
v t SPC visual select till the next Space character
v s ] visually select and surround with [] without spaces
v s [ as above with [ ] with spaces between parens and content
g v go to last visual selection (select last visual selection)
v a p visually select around current paragraph
SPC v s " visually select current work and surround with ""
v i w s " visually select, insert around current word, and surround with quotes
y y yank (copy) current line
y w yank (copy) current word
y @ a yank (copy) to mark a (m a creates a mark called a)