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Space T s opens a helm selection menu to select from all available themes

You can select a different theme or cycle through the currently added themes.

Spacemacs Description
Space T n Next theme in list
Space T p Previous theme in list
Space T s Select theme from list (all themes from gallery)
Space T s Ctrl+c Ctrl+f Apply themes when scrolling through the list of names (helm-follow-mode)

Spacemacs Themes menu

Adding Themes to Spacemacsλ︎

Themes are set by adding the theme name to the dotspacemacs-themes list. The first theme in the list is loaded when Spacemacs starts.

dotspacemacs-themes '(doom-gruvbox-light

The order of the themes in the list is the order Spacemacs will cycle through those themes, SPC T n for the next theme and SPC T p for the previous theme.

The first time you select a theme it will be automatically downloaded, installed and used. This may take a few seconds to load.

Doom Gruvbox Themes used for this guide

This guide uses the doom-gruvbox-light theme for screenshots and videos, some older screenshots are doom-solarized-light or spacemacs-dark.

Example themesλ︎

There are many themes available for Spacemacs that will change the colours of text, background, etc.

Original Emacs theme

Add (disable-theme) to dotspacemacs/user-config section of .spacemacs to remove any custom theme and use the Emacs default colors. Or set (dotspacemacs-themes '(default)) in .spacemacs to use a theme similar to the Emacs colors.

This guide uses the minimal theme provided by doom modeline and doom-gruvbox-light theme.

Spacemacs theme - doom solarized light

Doom Solarized Light is also an excellent theme for working during the day, as well as presentations and videos due to a lighter color set having a better contrast.

Spacemacs theme - doom solarized light

Doom Solarized Dark is a good theme for darker environments.

Spacemacs theme - doom solarized dark

Spacemacs has two default themes included, one light and one dark. There are also many themes available that you can select and load on demand, Space T s

Spacemacs theme - spacemacs-dark

Spacemacs theme - spacemacs-light

The cyberpunk theme used a very striking color palette, familiar to those who use to use Emacs Live distribution (now deceased).

Spacemacs theme - spacemacs-cyberpunk

Last update: December 25, 2022