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Manual Configurationλ︎

When not using practicalli/spacemacs-config configuration, use the Spacemacs configuration wizzard to set the preferred editing style and Spacemacs distribution.

~/.spacemacs configuration file is created by the Spacemacs Wizard.

Space f e d to open the ~/.spacemacs configuration file for manual editing

Spacemacs install Wizardλ︎

Run Emacs as normal.

Spacemacs prompts how it should configure the fundamentals of Spacemacs operation.

For the preferred style, select Among the stars aboard the Evil flagship (vim)

Spacemacs install wizard - editing style

For the distribution, select The Standard Distribution (spacemacs)

Spacemacs install wizard - distribution

Spacemacs will now download all its Emacs packages and this will take several minutes, depending on the speed of your connection to the Internet.

Space q r to restart Spacemacs once all the packages have downloaded. This is not strictly necessary, but helps ensure the packages are working correctly.

Spacemacs is ready for actionλ︎

Spacemacs is now up and running and ready to take on the world.

Next task is to configure Spacemacs for Clojure.

Space f e d to open the ~/.spacemacs configuration file for manual editing and customising layers any any other options.