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Add remote repository to local repositoryλ︎

Open Magit status using SPC g s.

M opens the Remotes menu, showing a popup list of actions

Spacemacs Magit - Remotes menu

a prompts for the remote name, e.g. origin or the name of the GitHub/GitLab account or organisation

Followed by a prompt for the URL of the repository, e.g. a github / gitlab address.

The final prompt asks to set this new remote as the default, saying yes adds this to the P push menu.

Update remoteλ︎

C to configure a remote, a prompt lists the existing remotes by their name

C-j / C-k to navigate the list of remote names, RET to select the remote to configure

The current configuration of the remote is displayed

Spacemacs Magit Remote Configuration menu

u to change the URL used for the remote (i.e. if the remote has been renamed or a different remote is required)

U to change the branch and references to fetch (refspec)

s to set the url used for fetching from the remote, bound to the

S refspec used when pushing to the remote

O set to --tags and all tags are fetched or --no-tags then no tags are fetched