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Working with Projectsλ︎

Techniques to work specifically with Clojure projects as well as any concept of a project, e.g. a local git repository or using .projectile file to manually define a project.

Spacemacs gives you several options for managing the files in your project and you will use commands from the following menus

File menuλ︎

Find, copy, delete, rename, sudo-edit, bookmark and browse files.

Spacemacs - Buffer menu Spacemacs - Buffer menu

Open and Create files

Buffer menuλ︎

list, show and delete buffers. A buffer is a container for file content and any other text and images (if images support is included in your Emacs install)

Spacemacs - Buffer menu Spacemacs - Buffer menu

Managing Buffers


Organise the number and location of buffers displayed, splitting horizontally and vertically with multiple rows and columns.

Windows can be moved around and resized without resorting to using the mouse.

Space w is the windows menu.

Spacemacs - window menu Spacemacs - window menu

Managing Windows

Project (Projectile) menuλ︎

find files and search/replace text in the current project (e.g. local git project or arbitrary .projectile defined project) and many other project specific functions.

Spacemacs - Project menu Spacemacs - Project menu



Layouts group buffers together for projects or any arbitrary grouping you decide.

Spacemacs - Layouts transient state menu Spacemacs - Layouts transient state menu

Layouts and Workspaces

File browsers / managersλ︎

Treemacs and Ranger are file managers that help you browse through files and directories.

Spacemacs - Treemacs Spacemacs - Treemacs


Spacemacs - Ranger file manager Spacemacs - Ranger file manager