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Working with Projectsλ︎

Techniques to work specifically with Clojure projects as well as any concept of a project, e.g. a local git repository or using .projectile file to manually define a project.

Spacemacs gives you several options for managing the files in your project and you will use commands from the following menus

File menuλ︎

Find, copy, delete, rename, sudo-edit, bookmark and browse files.

Spacemacs - File menu

Read Open and Create files section for more details.

Buffer menuλ︎

list, show and delete buffers. A buffer is a container for file content and any other text and images (if images support is included in your Emacs install)

Spacemacs - Buffer menu

Read the Managing Buffers section for more details.

Project (Projectile) menuλ︎

find files and search/replace text in the current project (e.g. local git project or arbitrary .projectile defined project) and many other project specific functions.

Spacemacs - Project menu

Read the Projectile section for more details.


Layouts providing an easy way to group buffers together, for projects or any arbitrary grouping you decide.

Spacemacs - Project menu

Read the Layouts and Workspaces section for more details.

File browsers / managersλ︎

Treemacs and Ranger are file managers that help you browse through files and directories.


Spacemacs - Ranger file manager

Last update: December 25, 2022