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Clojure snippets referenceλ︎

Spacemacs includes the yasnippet official snippets repository and clojure-snippets package, providing an extensive collection of snippets for Clojure.

deftest snippet is called test

test may expand when typing the deftest name, which typically ends with -test. Add a space after the -test name to ensure its not expanded to another deftest expression when pressing Tab

Snippet Description Tab Stops
bench benchmark an expression, using the time function body
bp deprecated: was break point in swank
def def expression N/A
defm defmacro expression, with name, doc-string, arguments & body tabstops name, docstring, args, body
defn defn expression, with name, doc-string, arguments & body tabstops name, docstring, args, body
defr defrecord docstring, object, args, body
deft deftype docstring, object, args, body
doseq doseq name, body
fn fn - anonymous function name, body
for for condition, body
if if condition, body
ifl if-let - if true, bind a local name binding, body
import import java library library name
is is - clojure test assertion value, expected
let let - bind a local name to a value name, value, body
map map fn, col, col
map.lambda map with anonymous function #() fn, body
mdoc metadata docstring docstring
ns ns - expression with the current namespace inserted automatically N/A
opts destructuring a map with :keys, :or for default values, :as for entire vector :key binding, or defaults, :as binding
pr prn - print function string/value
print println - print function string/value
reduce reduce - reduce expression with an anonymous function args, body
require :require expression with library and alias library, alias
test deftest expression test description, value/expected
try try & catch expression try expression, exception name, body
use depreciated: use require instead
when when when expression, body
whenl when-let - local binding on when condition binding, body