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Open and create Files & directoriesλ︎

Open files or directories from anywhere on the file space. New files and directories can also be created by supplying unique names.

Opening a Fileλ︎

Space f f runs the spacemacs/helm-find-file command which opens list of files and directories in the current directory. Typing a patter narrows the items in the list to those that fuzzy match.

Enter on a list item to open the file or navigate through to the directory contents.

Key bindings for curor movement on the find file path

Key binding Description
Tab select highlighted directory / complete filename
Ctrl+h navigate to parent directory
Ctrl+y paste kill ring into file path
Ctrl+j Move cursor down list of directories & filenames
Ctrl+k Move cursor up list of directories & filenames

Create a new fileλ︎

Space f f can also create a new file by typing full path and name of the new file. A prompt confirms that a new want a new file created.

SPC f s to save the new file and a prompt asks if any intermediary directories should be created (if they do not already exist).