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Open and creating Files (and directories)λ︎

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Opening a Fileλ︎

Using the File menu you can open files from anywhere on your file space. New files and directories can also be created.

Spacemacs - File menu

Find File, SPC f f will open a file from anywhere on the file system. A helm pop-up window appears at the bottom listing directories and files from the current directory.

Spacemacs - File menu - Find File helm popup

As you type the name you are looking for, the list of matching directory and file names narrows to just those that match.

Keybindings Description
TAB select highlighted directory / complete filename
C-h navigate to parent directory
C-y paste kill ring into file path
C-j Move cursor down list of directories & filenames
C-k Move cursor up list of directories & filenames

Create a new file (and directory)λ︎

A new file (and directories) can also be created using SPC f f. Simply enter the full path and name of the new file. You are prompted to confirm that you want a new file created.

When you save the file, SPC f s you are prompted to create any directories required.

Auto-renaming Files for kebab-case namespaceλ︎

When you create a new file for a namespace that has multiple words, then convention is to use kebab-case to separate the words.

However, due to a limitation with the Java Virtual Machine class loader, filenames should not include dashes, rather they should use underscore characters instead.

So when you create a new file for a kebab-case namespace, Spacemacs will ask if you want to change the filename to use underscores for the dashes in the name. Say yes to keep the Java class loader happy.

TODO: gif of creating a new file - use kebab-case filename to show auto-renaming.


Vim Normal Emacs Command
SPC f f M-m f f spacemacs/helm-find-file

In find file, the following key bindings are available

  • TAB - complete or narrow the name of the file or open a matching directory
  • C-h - navigate to parent directory
  • C-j - move down list of files & directories
  • C-k - move up list of files & directories
  • RET - open a file (or dired if a directory)

Hint::Creating files and directoriesλ︎

When creating a new file in a new directory, you can simply type in the full path and file name and Spacemacs will prompt you to confirm the creation of the new directory and the file name.

Last update: December 25, 2022