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Hydra menusλ︎

Some packages also include their own hydra menus. An example of this is the Clojure refactor hyrda menu.

  • C-c C-f h h - clj-refactor (hydra menu)

TODO::Transient state keybinding for Clojure layer - cljr-refactorλ︎

hydra-cljr-help-menu/body is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `clj-refactor.el'.

This is probably irrelevant as clj-refactor is being merged into clojure-mode.


For more information check the manuals.

Call the body in the "hydra-cljr-help-menu" hydra.

The heads for the associated hydra are:

"n": ‘hydra-cljr-ns-menu/body’, "c": ‘hydra-cljr-code-menu/body’, "p": ‘hydra-cljr-project-menu/body’, "t": ‘hydra-cljr-toplevel-form-menu/body’, "s": ‘hydra-cljr-cljr-menu/body’, "q": ‘nil’

The body can be accessed via ‘hydra-cljr-help-menu/body’. ```