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Monorepo and nested projectsλ︎

A monorepo is a collection related project directories within one source control repository.

As the monorepo root is not the root of a Clojure project, SPC p a the projectile-toggle-between-implementation-and-test does not know the type of project. A .dir-locals.el configuration file can be used to define the type of projects the monorepo contains.

SPC p e creates a .dir-locals.el file in the root of the project.

Type projectile-project-type and select that configuration option.

Type clojure-cli for the value (or lein-test for Leiningen projects)

SPC f s to save the file.

The .dir-locals.el file should now contain the following

((clojure-mode . ((projectile-project-type . clojure-cli))))

practicalli/exercism-clojure-guides is an example of a monorepo.

Clojure project types

clojure-cli works for Clojure CLI projects and lein-test for Leiningen project. If you have mixed projects, use clojure-cli and place a deps.edn file containing an empty hash-map, {}. Select Leiningen when running the cider-jack-in-* commands.

Clojure project types for projectile are define in projectile.el of the projectile project.