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Cleaning up Magit sessionsλ︎

Leaving Magit status buffers using the q key will persist the Magit status session until you close it with SPC u q or quit / restart Spacemacs.

If you have multiple Magit status sessions open, you can use Helm to back close them.

Keybinding Description
q returns to previous window layout, keeping the Magit status buffer available.
SPC u q kills the magit status buffer and returns to previous layout

Closing multiple Magit buffers with Helmλ︎

Use the Helm transient state menu to bulk delete them.

  • SPC b b to open all buffers.
  • Type magit in the helm prompt to show just the magit buffers
  • M-SPC opens the Helm Transient state
  • T marks all buffers
  • M-D deletes all marked buffers (and closes the Helm transient state)