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Spell checking in Spacemacsλ︎

The spell-checking layer provides 'on-the-fly' spell checking, highlighting incorrect spelling of words as you type.

SPC S is the spell check menu.

Spacemacs Spelling menu

Spell check the current wordλ︎

SPC S s RET is a quick way to fix the spelling of the current word as most of the time the correct spelling is at the top of the list.

SPC S s checks the current word under the cursor. A list of possible spellings displays in a popup. Use C-j/C-k to navigate the spellings and RET to select the spelling to use.


Add the spell-checking layer to the layer list in ~/.spacemacs.

The spell-checking layer uses the flyspell tool in Emacs and an external binary

Install an external spell checking binaries that is supported by flyspell: ispell, hunspell, aspell. On Unix systems this binary is probably installed already.