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Org-mode Headingsλ︎

Organise text content with multiple levels of headings. Focus on sections by expanding and folding the content under headings, to show the level of information required at a particular time. TODO states can be applied to any level of headings.

Ctrl+Enter to create a heading at the same level of parent (top level heading if no parent)

Ctrl+Shift+Enter to create a heading with the TODO state, providing a visual marker of progress.

o on a heading creates a new line automatically indented for text, to which a list item, - or check box list, - [ ], can be added.

Spacemacs Org-mode headings

Toggle checkboxes

, T c toggles the state of org checkboxes

Collapse / Expand headingsλ︎

Tab expands / collapses the heading at the current cursor position.

Shift+Tab will cycle through expanding and collapsing headings at different levels.

Moving headings and content aroundλ︎

Items can be moved to change the order they appear, avoiding the need to cut and paste.

Key binding Description
Meta+h Promote heading (larger)
Meta+l Demote heading (smaller)
Meta+H Promote heading containing sub-headings
Meta+L Demote heading containing sub-headings
Meta+k Move heading up within the same level
Meta+j Move heading down within the same level
Meta+K Move heading up, jumping over parent headings
Meta+J Move heading down, jumping over parent headings