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Helm-swoop provides an easy way to navigate through code, based on search results

Search a buffer (Clojure namespace) or project and use the results to navigate to the locations in the code for each match found.

SPC s s to search using currently selected region, or prompts for search text if nothing selected. j and k to navigate the search results and show the line in the file the search corresponds to.

SPC s S assumes word under cursor is the symbol you wish to search for.

helm-swoop is also available in the symbol highlight transient menu.

Keybindings Description
SPC s C clear helm-swoop own cache
SPC s s execute helm-swoop
SPC s S execute helm-multi-swoop
SPC s C-s execute helm-multi-swoop-all

For example, navigate to a function definition and all the places that function is called in a project using helm-multi-swoop.

Helm multi-swoop

Hint::Refactor codeλ︎

Refactor section provides examples of using helm-ag, helm-swoop, iedit, narrowing and clj-refactor.