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Evil Keybinding Referenceλ︎

An alphabetically ordered reference of Evil key bindings.

Spacemacs DOCUMENTATION key bindings section contains full details

Normal mode keybindingsλ︎

Keybindings available in Evil normal mode and the resultant state they leave you in.

Keybinding Description State
@ execute keyboard macro (defined by q) Normal
' jump to mark (defined by m) Normal
a append text after cursor Insert
a append text after cursor Insert
A append text to end of sentence Insert
b move cursor back to start of previous word Normal
B move cursor back to start of last word Normal
c change (use with modifier) Insert
C change rest of sentence Insert
d delete (use with modifier) Normal
D delete rest of sentence Normal
e end of word Normal
E end of word (seems same as above) Normal
f find character forward (type character) Normal
F find character backward (type character) Normal
fd Escape (press almost together) Normal
g go menu Normal
G Jump to end of buffer Normal
h move cursor left Normal
H move cursor to top of buffer Normal
i insert text Insert
I insert text at start of sentence Insert
j Move cursor down a line Normal
J Join next line to end of current Normal
k Move cursor up a line Normal
K spacemacs/evil-smart-doc-lookup Normal
l Move cursor right Normal
L Move cursor to bottom of buffer Normal
m Create marker (next character is marker name) Normal
M Jump to middle of buffer Normal
n Next search occurrence Normal
N Previous search occurrence Normal
o New line below Insert
O New line above Insert
p Paste (after / below cursor) Insert
P Paste (before / above cursor) Insert
q Record keyboard macro attached to given character Normal
Q undefined Normal
r Replace character under cursor Normal
R Replace character state Replace
s Substitute character Insert
S Substitute sentence Insert
t Find character forward - cursor before character Normal
T Find character backward - cursor after character Normal
u Undo last change (C-R to redo) Normal
U Undefined Normal
v Visual select Visual
V Visual select sentence Visual
w Jump cursor to start of next word Normal
W Jump cursor to start of next word Normal
x Delete character under cursor Normal
X Delete character backwards Normal
y y Yank (copy) line Normal
Y Yank (copy) line Normal
z Menu - code folding / keyboard macros
Z Menu - evil quit


Run documentation lookup command specific to the major mode.

Use command bound to SPC m h h if defined, otherwise fall back to evil-lookup