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Tag a commitλ︎

Tag a commit adds a label to a specific commit, often used to identify a significant event, e.g. a specific release.

Tagging via the Git logλ︎

The simplest way to tag an existing commit is to use the Git log.

Space g s to open Magit status

l l to show the log, using j k to navigate down and up the log history

t t to tag the current commit

Tagging via Magit statusλ︎

Space g s to open Magit status

t to open the tag menu

t to create the tag

Tag optionsλ︎

Tags can be a commit tag or an annotation on an existing commit

Pushing tagsλ︎

P to open the push menu

t to push all tags, T to push a tag

p to push to the default push repository, e to select a repository to push the tag too.